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In Parkour Block 4, you will go on yet another exciting trip through lava-filled chambers, but with additional modes this time! As players move from one platform to the next in this game, they have the opportunity to practice their quick reflexes and timing skills. Be patient as you start jumping, since a slip could send you plunging into the lava sea below!

Parkour Block 4, the latest sequel, recaptures what made the first games so enjoyable. Players will have a great time with the game's blocky visuals and Minecraft-inspired style. The goal of each stage is simply to exit through the purple portal, and you can expect to have plenty of time to do that with 60 levels! Each subsequent jump will be more challenging, so you may need more than one try to succeed. In addition, there are two new game modes: speedrun and hardcore, so make sure to check them out!

If you had fun jumping between these blocks in this 3D game, you should also check out Parkour Block 3 for prior parts of this adventure.

How To Play

You can move your character around by pressing the WASD keys or the arrow keys, and you can jump by pressing the spacebar. Try holding the left shift while moving to start running, and change your camera with your mouse.

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