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Only Up! is a captivating platform-climbing game that features a boy as he jumps on various surfaces to reach higher places and discover the surreal world.

There is No Other Way Than to Go Up!

Get ready for an adventure full of otherworldly sights with Only Up! In this game, players control a little boy who goes by the name Jack, and he tries to ascend to the sky (in a literal sense, not a figurative one!). While you make your way through the many different surfaces, keep an eye out for ways to climb higher and enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the way. Don’t worry if you fall to the ground, since it is a part of the experience, but you will have to catch up with your progress!

Only Up! - Transcending Boundaries with Innovative Platforming Gameplay

The game begins with Jack standing on the ground, surrounded by structures inside an old, rusty neighborhood. Looking up, he can see various objects resembling pipelines in the sky, and he is determined to find out what they are. And so, Jack begins his quest of jumping to higher surfaces in this journey full of surreal objects, only to find out that his quest is far from complete. He may trip and fall along the way, but miraculously, nothing ever happens to him when falling from unfathomable heights. It is up to you to guide him and find out what’s waiting at the end of this vertical maze!

If there is one thing that sets Only Up! apart from other games, it is the extreme difficulty of the gameplay design. Players’ only goal is to leap from one surface to another in order to advance, but this is often easier said than done. Some places are fairly easy to jump on, but there will also be narrow surfaces that require players to time their jump. And, since the game has no checkpoint, any progress you made up in the sky is gone every time you fall to the ground! Some may find this feature to be rather punishing to players, but it also adds charm to the game: the higher you are, the more stake you take in each leap.

How To Play

To begin your journey, click on the “Start” button. After that, the game will lead you straight to Jack, who’s already standing on the ground. Hover your mouse to look around, and use the WASD keys to control Jack. To make him jump, press the spacebar. You can pause the game whenever you want with the “P” key, or reset your progress and begin the game anew with the “R” key.

Essential Rules to Propel Your Gameplay Experience

  • In order to make progress in this game, players must guide Jack to increasingly higher platforms.
  • There are numerous surfaces for Jack to step on, including wooden planks, pipes, trains, and so on. Some can be fairly flat and easy to step on, while others will require concentration so Jack won’t slip and fall.
  • There is no such thing as "game over" in this game because Jack does not get hurt from falling.

From Ground to Sky: Explore the Vertical Wonders of Only Up!

  • Challenging gameplay that gives you immense satisfaction when reaching higher surfaces!
  • Beautiful and fascinating 3D graphics, accompanied by realistic physics!
  • Discover new places as you go up—everything feels like a surreal dream! Leap through wooden bridges, floating trains, and so much more!
  • There is no checkpoint available—meaning that you have to start over whenever you fall off!

Tips and Tricks: Conquer the Skies in Only Up!

Since Only Up! can be very difficult and puzzling at times, you can check out the tips and tricks listed below beforehand to advance further:

  • Time your gaming session: Only Up is a game in which there are no checkpoints, so players will have to see if they can reach all of the upper platforms in a single playthrough. It is in your best interest to have a significant amount of spare time so that you can play at your own pace. In addition, rushing on games that require lots of concentration and precise jumping like this one will most likely backfire instead, so take your time getting to new places!
  • Don’t forget to explore: The world inside Only Up feels like a childhood dream, complete with objects that float around as parts of this vertical maze. To get the most out of your adventures, try to enjoy the process of navigating the next surface to leap on and admire the view around you!
  • Look for details: Don’t forget to take a look whenever you get to new places, including potential objects that can be jumped on. You never know when you might find a shortcut that will allow you to ascend to the sky more quickly!
  • Take a break when things are not going well: Whenever you feel frustrated from falling off and losing all the hard work, it may be best to take a short break. After all, when your concentration isn't where it needs to be, it can be extremely difficult to make further progress.
  • Never give up: This tip is the most important when playing Only Up. The game can be challenging, but that does not mean it’s unbeatable. You will surely reach unimaginable places if you don’t give in to the frustration! On the bright side, you can also train your perseverance when playing this game!
  • Remember to enjoy the game: Games are made to be means of entertainment, so don’t forget to appreciate the game. This is especially true for games in which there is no pressure to finish in the allotted time, such as Only Up; hence, all you need to do is relax and play without any time constraints!

The Vertical Adventure Continues

If you think that you are a person with high perseverance and that you thoroughly enjoyed this game, check out this list! These games offer the same unique experience of making you want to quit out of rage, but you simply can’t stop playing!

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  • Only Up: Obby: Get ready to experience a thrilling adventure filled with challenging obstacles and exciting discoveries. Can you guide Jack to the highest peaks and unlock the secrets of this mesmerizing world? 

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