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Only Up: Obby introduces you to a world that feels like a dream you had as a child, with floating trains, rotating roads, and so much more! Make your way up from the ground to discover the amazing views and navigate through numerous obstacles to reach higher places. Will you be able to stand at the top of this maze-like vertical journey?

Only Up: Obby features challenging gameplay, yet it only adds more satisfaction when you are able to stand at the top. Players are expected to spend a good deal of time honing their reflexes and eye-hand coordination if they want to be good at the game. However, the sight of something above will always make you want to investigate it more, and there is no other way to do it other than by reaching it! Be ready to spend a lot of time jumping since there is no checkpoint available, so you will have to start over whenever you fall off! The sky's the limit, and the fun is endless in this gravity-defying escapade!

How To Play

  • WASD keys: Control Jack.
  • Spacebar: Make Jack jump.
  • Mouse: Hover to move the camera.
  • “P” key: Pause the game.
  • “R” key: Start over the game.

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