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As the latest game in the Run series, Run 3 introduces players to more characters and a brand new story! Lead The Runner home by directing her through the space tunnels. Jump over the gaps, switch tunnel walls to find the safe spots, and explore the vast galaxy with her maps!

Run 3 features addictive gameplay and simple controls, making it a perfect option for when you want to relax for a bit before getting back to work. As simple as the game sounds, it takes some trials and practice for players to get used to the gameplay and advance through the levels. At first, players control The Runner and navigate her through the seemingly-endless tunnel, which requires timely jumps and sharp eyes to decide which wall to switch to. Unlock more characters as you progress, discover their special abilities, and challenge your skills to new heights!

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How To Play

  • Left or right arrow keys: Direct the character.
  • Spacebar: Jump; hold the spacebar to jump higher.

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