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In Parkour Block 3, players can once again become leaping masters inside a blocky world full of hazards. It is no easy feat to reach the end and enter the portal if you are not ready for the jumping adventure, so you better get your boots ready, and let’s take leaps of faith!

If you can’t get enough of simple yet addictive jumping actions, Parkour Block 3 is back with an additional 43 levels, so you can have a great time honing your jumping skills! Fans of Minecraft can also enjoy the game and get a boost of adrenaline. The only objective is to make it to the portal without touching the lava below. Players will need to be very careful with their jumps, which is easier to say than to do given the game's first-person perspective. Because of the varying distances and heights between the platforms, no two jumps are ever the same!

If you want to try another version of this game, then be sure to check Parkour Block 2!

How To Play

Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to navigate the character, and press the spacebar to jump. Hold the left shift while walking to begin running, and look around using your mouse.


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