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It is never a good idea to transport a giant egg with no seatbelt over a very bumpy track, but that’s what you will have to do in Eggy Car! Drive your way over a hilly road with a comically big egg that can topple over and break at any second, ending your ride immediately. Collect coins and power-ups on your way to acquire new cars and advance further. Above all, good luck keeping the egg in the car!

Eggy Car has hilarious (and a bit frustrating) gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours! Players will need to be extremely careful while driving the car, since it is a lot easier to have the egg fly off and crack open than keep it where it needs to be. Also, don’t forget to collect coins on your way to acquire more cars that can hold the egg better, hopefully. Discover cool power-ups on your way and try to drive as far as possible!

Vehicles have many different uses, from carrying eggs to racing against others players. Check our collection of exciting free car games and start driving right away. Additional, feel free to try out the Moto X3M!

How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys to control the car.

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