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Be ready for the most thrilling bike race ever with Moto X3M! Get on your trusty motorbike, start speeding up, and perform crazy mid-air stunts! Each track offers you a completely new experience, with unexpected obstacles that will definitely challenge your reflexes. Try to complete the level as fast as you can to earn 3 full stars!

There are many things for players to discover on Moto X3M. While the gameplay is relatively simple, it takes some practice to fully control the bike and learn more cool tricks. In this game, players will need to know when the best moment is to speed up, slow down, and steer to make a perfect landing or try out tricks. You can perform flips in mid-air to receive 0.5-second reductions in the timer. Since each level is evaluated based on your timer, you can receive a maximum of three starts if you reach the finish line before the time stamp. What’s better, you can use the stars you gain to exchange for new bikes!

How To Play

  • “W”: Speed up the motorbike.
  • “S”: Slow down the motorbike.
  • “A” and “D”: Steer to balance the bike.
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