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Get ready for an adventure in Western Fight, a cool game that throws you back to the wild days of the Old West. Made by the awesome team at Frontier Games, it's all about being a gunslinger in dusty towns and wide-open lands. You can choose to be a good sheriff fighting for justice or a tricky outlaw going after fame. The game showing the wild and tough Old West. Get ready for exciting shootouts, duels in the noon sun, and thrilling stories in the vast Western frontier. It's action-packed with fast gunfights, chasing on horseback, and making smart choices. Jump in, grab your six-shooter, and get set for an epic showdown in the exciting world of Western Fight!

How To Play

PLAYER 1--- Move: WASD Punch: V Kick: B 

PLAYER 2--- Move: Aroow Keys Punch: O Kick: P

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