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Get ready for the most thrilling and dangerous chase ever with Train subway surfers! In this game, you play as a hipster girl who just spray-painted a train. While some consider these paintings to be art, the police usually take them to be vandalism. And thus begins the relentless chase between the girl and the policeman. Avoid obstacles and trains coming your way, and try your best to get as far as possible before the policeman catches you!

Train subway surfers takes inspiration from the popular mobile game Subway Surfers, and makes it available online for free! Since this is an endless game, the further players go, the more challenging the road becomes, such as with increasing speed and more tricky obstacles to avoid. Collect coins on your way to acquire power-ups, unlock more characters, and ride on super cool skateboards!

If you enjoyed playing Train subway surfers, you should also check out Dreadhead Parkour for another fun game!

How To Play

Use the mouse button to interact with the game.

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