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In Dreadhead Parkour, you can begin your journey past the neighborhood with superhuman jumps, gravity-defying running, and super cool sliding! Use your maneuvering skills to get past numerous spiky obstacles and exploding bombs, and slide your way to destroy smaller obstacles on your way! Execute flips mid-air and reach the end of the level in this exciting game!

Dreadhead Parkour is a parkour game with cartoon graphics and addictive gameplay. Players control Dreadhead with his fabulous locks as he starts running in the neighborhood full of unexpected obstacles. From small traffic cones and wooden crates to something like exploding bombs and gigantic swinging objects full of spikes, the game has it all. Fortunately, there will be slopes and bumps, so Dreadhead can gain momentum and jump past them! While he can land from unimaginable heights with ease, his head is not the sturdiest, so try your best to protect his head from colliding with objects and the ground!

How To Play

  • Left and right arrow keys, or “A” and “D” keys: Run.
  • Up arrow key or “W” key: Jump.
  • Down arrow key or “S” key: Slide.
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