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Help Tom as he pursues the aliens that kidnapped his sister in Tom's Adventure! In this game, players control Tom as he passes through numerous obstacles, including little aliens, plasma ball whips, and dangerous spikes! With each leap, Tom gets gradually closer to his sister. However, there is no way to know who’s waiting at the end of the road. Can you get to his sister safely and defeat whoever is guarding her?

Tom's Adventure shares great similarities to an old-school platformer game, with nostalgic pixel graphics and funky music. Players who love classic platformer games such as Mario will definitely enjoy this game. Tom can double-jump through obstacles and defeat enemies by stepping on their heads. With 21 levels available, Tom's Adventure will provide you with enjoyable moments as you advance deeper into the alien’s lair!

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How To Play

Control Tom with the WASD or arrow keys. Press the up arrow button twice to double-jump.

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