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Tomb of the Mark 2 is back again with even more adventure! Set inside a mysterious forest, this time the players take control of a little round fox with the ability to defy gravity. He can walk on walls and move straight in any direction without falling down. Within the forest, you must run to the upper levels of a maze while avoiding spikes and traps, gathering coins, and finding upgrades along the way. Keep going upwards because the maze is about to be flooded!

Tomb of the Mark 2 is an exciting puzzle-platform game that requires players to be quick on their feet with the fast-paced gameplay. In this vertical maze, players direct the little fox to run in a straight line in any of four directions, with the character stopping only when he reaches a wall. Dangerous obstacles like spikes, enemies, and the ever-rising water will make it harder for you as you progress inside the maze. Players must quickly navigate to higher levels while collecting yellow dots and coins.

We've got another game that you might like. If you haven't played Only Up GO Parkour, you should do so now.

How To Play

  • Control the character using the arrow keys.
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