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Embrace the virtual battlefield of, an exhilarating multiplayer experience that pits players against opponents from around the world in spectacular sword duels.

Upon entering the arena, select your combatant and participate in ferocious one-on-one confrontations that demand agility, precision, and timely judgment in order to emerge victorious. The game is accessible to players of all talent levels due to its dynamic yet straightforward controls, guaranteeing an enjoyable experience for both novice gamers and experienced swordfighters. Gain experience, acquire potent weapons, and personalize your appearance as you ascend the ranks and strive to attain the status of the preeminent swordsman. provides an exhilarating and competitive online experience through its captivating gameplay and vivid pixel art. Enter the arena, brandish your blade, and prepare for the swordplay of a lifetime in!

How To Play

Mouse mode (default) - click to swing, right click to throw, and move your mouse to move & point.

Keyboard + mouse - WASD or Arrow keys to move, click and point mouse to swing and C to throw sword! Enter - chat with other players (please be nice!)

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