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Begin your journey across the land of mushrooms with Super Ninja Plumber! In this game, players control an ordinary plumber on his quest to defeat the powerful enemy at the end of the road. Do you have what it takes to lead him to victory?

Super Ninja Plumber feels like a classic side-scroller platform game, but with a twist: our hero can eat mushrooms to become a ninja! The mechanism of this game is quite similar to the old Mario games, such as breaking bricks, the mystery bricks, and mushroom-themed power-ups. There are four types of mushrooms in this game: super mushrooms, which make our character larger; black mushrooms, which transform him into a ninja; and heart and 1-Up mushrooms, which can give him extra health and lives. Defeat monsters on your way, collect stars, and reach the end of the level!

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How To Play

Control the character with the left and right arrow keys. Press the X key to throw shuriken when he is in ninja form.

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