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Meet the beloved Mario as he travels through different parts of the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Wonder! He will definitely need your help since the road ahead is not simply a straight line. It will be necessary for him to leap from one platform to another while avoiding dangerous obstacles and falling into bottomless pits. Find useful power-ups and coins as you progress through the game, and use them to acquire new characters, such as Luigi, Toad, and Toadette!

Super Mario Wonder is a fast-paced running game that requires players to be quick and precise with their jumping. Discover different areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, from grassy fields to even Bowser’s lair! Try your best to reach the castle at the end!

How To Play

  • To make Mario jump, click your mouse; click once again to make him double-jump while in mid-air.
  • Stay away from obstacles and pick up useful power-ups (such as the Super Mushroom for a temporary shield) along the way.
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