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Don’t miss out on Super Frog Adventure if you love simple yet delightful platformer games! In this game, the main character is an enigmatic frog, and the story follows his adventure as he progresses through a series of hazardous obstacles and a horde of enemies! Do you have the masterful jumping skills needed to guide him through everything safely?

Super Frog Adventure is a pixel adventure game that is inspired by timeless platformer titles such as Mario games. The game features eight different levels for players to progress through, each with its own design and obstacles! Players begin by controlling the frog, which has the ability to defeat enemies simply by jumping on their heads (sound familiar?). Will you be able to reach the other end of the level before all the hearts run out?

How To Play

  • Take control of the frog with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Press the up arrow key or the W key twice to perform double jumps.
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