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If you love Minecraft and good parkour games, what better way to spend Christmas than playing Parkour Block Xmas Special? This special edition of the Parkour Block series will bring you to a snowy field full of pine trees. Try your best to stay on the trees and platform, since you will have to start over if you land on the snow below!

Parkour Block Xmas Special is a delightful parkour game with a Christmas theme. Players begin the game by standing in front of a forest full of snowy pine trees. To progress, they will have to jump from one tree to another, but that is no easy task considering that the trees vary in height and distance between one another. But that’s not all of this jumping course; players can see floating platforms from afar and many more exciting things waiting for them. Reach the flagpole to mark the checkpoint and discover what lies ahead in Parkour Block Xmas Special!

If you liked Parkour Block Xmas Special, you should try Parkour Block 2.

How To Play

  • To move the character, press the WASD keys or the button keys.
  • To jump, press the spacebar.
  • To run while walking, hold down the left shift key.
  • To change the viewpoint of the camera, move your mouse.
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