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Begin your adventure in a vertical maze with Only Up: Stickman Parkour! Dash, jump, cling, and get up from ledges to discover the beautiful and unrealistic world full of floating objects! The game is set on a small island with a harbor, and there are containers, towers, cargo ships, cars, and more floating in the sky. Try your best to go as high as you can!

In Only Up: Stickman Parkour, players are challenged to explore an upward maze made from floating objects. There are coins scattered around, which can be used to acquire more characters, register checkpoints, and return to the nearest checkpoints whenever they fall off. Go on a standard path, or be risky and save a few seconds with shortcuts!

How To Play

Move the stickman with the WASD keys, and press the spacebar to jump. To look around, move the mouse. Hold Shift while moving to run. To return to the nearest registered checkpoint, press the R key.

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