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Only Up: Break the Record introduces you to a surreal world that resembles a child’s wildest imagination. The sky is full of objects, such as railroads, containers, vehicles, trampolines, and so on! Make your way up by jumping on the nearest platforms, and figure out the right route as you progress. Hone your timing skills and utilize the slow-motion ability of the boy to get on top. Remember, the sky is the limit!

In Only Up: Break the Record, you take control of a little boy who is stuck in an old neighborhood. As the boy looks up, he sees the vague shapes of objects in the sky, and he is determined to reach this place. Players begin by jumping on the blue car nearby and discovering the platforms that can lead the boy to higher places. Don’t forget to activate the slow-motion ability for extra precision when jumping!

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How To Play

Control the boy with the WASD keys, and press the spacebar to jump. Look around by dragging the left mouse button. Press the R key to activate or deactivate the slow motion.

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