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If you are looking for something thrilling and challenging to play, don’t hesitate to give Moto Xtreme a try! In this game, players take control of a professional motorcyclist who only performs the craziest stunts possible with his trusty motorcycle! From steep hills to obstacles in the form of chainsaws, try your best to reach the end of each level safely!

Moto Xtreme is an addictive driving game in which players drive a motorcycle through a series of unreal obstacles. With 20 levels in total and an increasing level of difficulty, players can expect to face tons of obstacles as they progress from one obstacle course to the next! To gain extra score, try to perform a series of different stunts—but don’t forget to land on the ground with your motorcycle!

How To Play

Control the motorcycle with the arrow keys. Balance the motorcycle mid-air with the left and right arrow keys.


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