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Minicraft is a delightful combination of the well-loved Minecraft and Zelda games. In this game, players can explore a randomly generated world with 2D pixel graphics, reminiscent of old-school adventure games. There are many things waiting for you to discover, such as venturing into the wilderness, encountering monsters, crafting items, and building an empire! However, you are not alone in this place; the powerful Air Wizard is residing on the clouds, and it is your mission to exterminate him!

In this game, there are two main status indicators you should keep in mind:

  • Hearts represent your health. Your game will end when all the hearts run out, so keep some food and potions ready when exploring the vast world of Minicraft.
  • Lightning represents your stamina. Each action will consume some stamina, and when it runs out, you will do things slower than usual.

If you enjoy discovering new worlds and crafting your way out of adventures, you can check out Mr. Mine!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to control your character.
  • Press “C” to attack.
  • Press “X” to open the inventory and use items.
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