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In Jetpack Kiwi Lite, players take on the role of defenders against the alien invasion. Meet Kiwi, a brave hero who will not hesitate to stand up and fight! To help him in his quest to battle against the alien spaceships, Kiwi has a jetpack suit, a trusty gun, and bombs. Begin your journey now and help Kiwi fend off the hordes of alien spaceships before it's too late!

Jetpack Kiwi Lite has graphics and gameplay similar to those classic 2D side-scrolling shooting games. Players can control Kiwi as he flies around and shoots at enemies on his way. When there are too many enemies to handle, Kiwi can swiftly use a bomb, which will exterminate every spaceship on the screen. In addition, there are also power-ups spawning on your track, so don’t forget to pick them up!

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How To Play

  • Control the Kiwi with the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
  • Press the X or L keys to shoot.
  • Press the B or O keys to launch bombs.
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