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If you love adventure games with well-made puzzles, you shouldn’t miss Fireboy and Watergirl! As the first game in the series, the game introduces players to two characters: Fireboy and Watergirl, whose bodies are made of fire and water, respectively. With 32 levels, players will have plenty of time to explore the Forest Temple, which requires cooperation between players to solve puzzles!

Fireboy and Watergirl is a well-known adventure puzzle game that was loved by players when it was first released. This game is best played with two people, but it is possible to control both characters by yourself. As the name suggests, Fireboy cannot touch water, or else he will disappear, and the same goes for Watergirl. You will have to think creatively in order to avoid traps, collect gems, and find a way to reach the doors. The level is complete only when both Fireboy and Watergirl stand at their respective doors, so try to keep them safe!

How To Play

  • Fireboy: Use the arrow keys to control him.
  • Watergirl: Use the WASD keys to control her.
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