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Join other stickmen and begin the exciting race in the Fall Race 3D Game! In this game, players become one of the stickmen, who have to run on a course full of obstacles, fly and land on different platforms, and be the first to reach the finish line. Challenge your maneuvering skills in this exciting racing game!

Fall Race 3D Game offers players a colorful, upbeat game with elements of competition. In this case, your competitors will be NPC-controlled stickmen of various colors. It is not difficult to outrun them, but players will need to stay on track for as long as they can and get through temporary speed boosters. With each level completed, you will receive coins. They can be used to customize your character, such as by changing his color, wearing funny hats, and putting on cool capes! Show off your skills and be the first in every race you take!

Racing and car games are full of excitement and have fun parts that will keep you coming back for more. We also have other race games that are fun, like Traffic Ride Skibidi Toilet!

How To Play

Drag the mouse to control the stickman.

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