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The Skibidi Toilets seem to get even closer to world dominance in Traffic Ride Skibidi Toilet, and it is up to you to get away from their clutches! As one of the few survivors, you begin your journey across the road, which is littered with Skibidi Toilets marching towards you! How far can you advance before colliding with them?

Traffic Ride Skibidi Toilet is a thrilling motorcycle-riding game that features thrilling moments as you make near misses while avoiding the Skibidi Toilets on the road. Aside from the exciting rides, players have multiple options to unlock different aspects of their gameplay. This includes acquiring more cool-looking bikes, game modes (Traffic Ride, Time Trial, and Free Ride), and game environments (Jungle and Snow). Start your escape in Traffic Ride Skibidi Toilet now!

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How To Play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the game. To steer the bike, press the left and right arrow keys. Be careful, though; a little bit of steering goes a long way!

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