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Joining a cult in real life comes with plenty of risks, but not so much in BitLife Cult! The highly popular life simulator includes an interesting option in its newest update, which allows players to start a cult! Become the leader of your own cult, purchase a commune for yourself and your followers, and impose a series of absurd rules!

BitLife Cult offers a wide variety of choices, each with their own consequences for four stats: happiness, health, smarts, and looks. Players begin the game as a little child and make different choices as they continue to grow up. You can become anyone, be it a doctor, a criminal, or something that sounds surreal (but not entirely unrealistic) like a cult leader! Choose three different doctrines for your followers to abide by, such as fish not being accepted as pets! Show off your charisma and continue recruiting more followers with BitLife Cult!

How To Play

Interact with the game using your left mouse button.

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