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Going to school can be not-so-fun at all for many people, but now you can also experience "fear" when wandering around the school in Baldi's Basics. Find the missing notebooks for your friends, answer everything from basic to illegible math problems, and escape the wrath of the professor named Baldi. Will you survive long enough to take all seven notebooks?

Baldi's Basics is made as a parody of the sloppy graphics in educational games in the 1990s and incorporates horror elements. The result is a delightfully thrilling game with bizarre animation that will spook you for hours. The goal of this game is to retrieve the seven notebooks, and whenever players take one, a list of math questions will pop up. Players can answer them correctly and not anger the professor. However, from the third notebook onwards, the math problems will be impossible to solve, so you better be quick on your feet and escape Professor Baldi fast!

How To Play

  • Move around using the WASD keys, and look around by moving the mouse.
  • Walk faster by holding Shift.
  • Look behind by pressing the spacebar.
  • Click to interact with the game.
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