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Come to the beautiful but unsettling world of Badland and investigate the cause behind this change inside the beautiful forest with a black fluffy creature called Clony! Navigate him through different parts of the forest, discover a myriad of power-ups, and avoid hazardous obstacles! Be warned, though; it is not easy to stay on track the further you venture into the forest when things start to get increasingly hostile to you!

Badland is a side-scrolling adventure game with beautiful graphics and sound effects, providing players with extra immersion. The gameplay itself is also very simple and requires only one button, but Badland will put your skills and reflexes to the absolute limit. You never know what’s waiting in front of you, and there are things that scream "danger," like spikes, circular saws, lasers, and more. Discover many types of power-ups as you progress, and use them to your advantage!

How To Play

Hold your left mouse button to make Clony ascend, and release it to make him descend.

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