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Backrooms begins with the player trapped inside a building. There are no people in this building, only the old, mushy mono-yellow wallpapers and the flickering of fluorescent lights with no end in sight, making everything feel like a distant dream and unsettling at the same time. To escape this place, you will have to look around for clues, some of which are helpful while others are just distractions, so you can never get out of this place. What’s worse, there’s no time to relax since there is a monster lurking in this building. Keep on moving because you really don’t want to be caught by them!

Based on a popular creepy urban legend, Backrooms gives players the feeling of uneasiness and the pressure of escaping while being chased by an unknown monster. As you walk around the place, the doors seem to be looping around one another, making it feel like there’s no way to get out. Brace yourself, find the exit, and remember: do not look at "it" if you want to stay alive!

How To Play

Use the WASD keys to move, and hover your mouse to control the camera.

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