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Amanda the Adventurer begins as Riley Park cleans the attic of her late aunt’s house, only to find a set of dusty video tapes, containing a children’s cartoon show. Curious, she plays the first tape, and it shows "Amanda the Adventurer", starring Amanda and her best friend, Wooly the Sheep. The show seems normal at first, but something seems off: Amanda seems to be talking to her directly from the TV! She told her that she is stuck in this world and needs Riley’s help to get out. What is the secret behind these tapes, and can Amanda leave that world with Riley’s help?

Amanda the Adventurer is set in first-person view, adding an extra layer of creepy atmosphere for players. Amanda may look harmless at first, and you can see that something surely doesn’t feel right, despite being unable to pinpoint that. Keep on progressing through the game to uncover the mysteries of these video tapes!

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How To Play

Click to interact with the elements in the game.

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