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Build your very own zoo in Zoocraft, a Minecraft-style management and collecting game in which you can tame and bring the animals back to the zoo yourself! There are numerous animals living in this world, and it is up to you to meet and tame them! From the scorching deserts to the freezing snow in the northern hemisphere, you will come across many animals distinctive to the region!

There are many things to do in Zoocraft, which will certainly provide hours of fun for players. At first, you begin on a humble farm with familiar animals such as pigs, dogs, and cows and will advance to other regions once you have accumulated enough money and skills. Each animal has different characteristics and hostility. Some can open up to you fairly quickly, while others can bite you in seconds. Choose the best skills to upgrade so you can quickly expand the animal family in your zoo!

If you want to try another adventure as fun as this one, then be sure to check out Minecraft.

How To Play

Move the character around using the arrow keys.

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