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Become the lone defender against the relentless hordes of zombies with Zombie Last Survivor! Take up your gun and shoot them down before they can approach the fences, earn money from the defeated enemies, and use it to upgrade for better survival! How long will you be able to stand firm against these fearsome zombies?

Zombie Last Survivor is an engaging and fast-paced first-perspective shooter game. In this game, players begin by shooting down their first zombie and continue until there is no enemy left in a wave. After each battle, players can use the earned money to upgrade many things, such as the damage of each bullet, the reload speed, the fence, and so much more! In addition, players can complete achievements for extra bonuses, receive daily rewards, and unlock better guns by rolling the lootbox every minute!

How To Play

Click the left mouse button to shoot. Move the mouse to take aim.

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