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The World of Alice Moon Jump is a captivating platformer in which you accompany Alice on a delightful trip through a fantasy world full of magic and mystery. This game mixes conventional platforming concepts with a unique moon-jumping element to provide a fun experience for all ages.

In this game, you control Alice as she navigates through brilliantly designed levels loaded with obstacles, adversaries, and secrets. The core gameplay concept is Alice's ability to execute moon leaps, which allows her to jump vast distances and heights. Timing and accuracy are essential for mastering the moon leap and conquering the hurdles in each stage.


  • Beautifully designed levels with a magical theme
  • Unique moon-jumping mechanic for extended jumps
  • Alice's adventures provide an engaging storyline.
  • There are various enemies and obstacles to overcome.
  • Hidden collectibles and power-ups
  • Stunning visuals and enchanting music

How To Play

  • Jump over the moon monsters and collect the most stars.
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