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Get ready for an extraordinary vertical trip titled Up & Only Up Again. In this game, you must plan ahead of time, defy gravity, conquer obstacles, and reach new heights. Jump, climb, and set new marks for yourself. You can stretch your boundaries, grab every surface, and persevere to the summit here. Because it's not easy, feel the adrenaline rush and climb to the top.

It's more than simply a climb. It requires talent, planning, and timing. Challenges require rapid thought and exact execution as you move through the stages. Dynamic dynamics halt time in challenging circumstances, adding strategic complexity to the adventure. Movement is designed to keep you engaged and motivated. You will progressively improve your jumping abilities as you go from the basic levels, which are meant to prepare you for the adventures ahead, to the more difficult stages. You will go from a novice climber to a master of vertical mobility with perseverance and practice.

How To Play

  • WASD - Move.
  • Shift - Run.
  • Space- Jump.
  • F - Slow down time.
  • R - Back to menu.
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