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Town Manager Cutter is a fun game where you become a town manager in charge of making your town grow and thrive. You'll do things like plan where buildings and streets go, as well as manage resources like money and energy. You can design your town however you want, adding new houses, shops, and roads.

But being a good town manager is more than just building things. You also have to listen to what the people in your town need and want. You'll have to balance different needs, like making sure there are enough homes for everyone, keeping traffic under control, and keeping the environment clean and safe. By making smart choices and listening to feedback, you can make your town a great place to live.

As you play, you'll face different challenges, like bad weather or problems with money. You'll make decisions to keep your town running smoothly. So get ready to start building!

How To Play

  • Mouse click or tap to play
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