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Explore an age-old tomb full of perilous obstacles in Tomb Of The Mask, an enjoyable arcade game with addictive gameplay! You found a mysterious mask, tried it on, and now you have the ability to climb on any wall! Run to the upper parts of the tomb, avoid blue spikes and traps, collect coins, and discover power-ups on your way! Remember: the tomb is about to flood, so you better keep going up!

Tomb Of The Mask features delightful gameplay and nostalgic pixel graphics reminiscent of 1990s arcade machines. In this vertical labyrinth, players can control the character as he runs in one of the four directions in a straight line, and he will only stop when he hits the wall. Along the way, there are hazardous obstacles, such as blue spikes, enemies, and the blue wave of "water" constantly rising up. Players will have to find their way up as fast as they can while collecting dots and coins to unlock cool things and power-ups. Hone your reflexes and be the fastest tomb climber in Tomb Of The Mask!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to control the character.

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