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There are many FPS games available, but none of them is as unique as SuperHot. Simple and stylized, the game contains a very interesting concept: time only moves as long as you move! With no weapons in hand and no health bar, you have to face a number of enemies all by yourself! Make use of the flow of time and try your best to take down all the enemies without taking a bullet!

SuperHot has simple controls yet offers tons of fun. The game begins with players experiencing the unique time mechanics of the game, which instruct them to take the gun of the enemy. Afterwards, the real challenge begins and it is time for the player to give the game a good try. Make use of your maneuvering skills and try your best to survive through a rain of bullets with SuperHot!

How To Play

  • Move around with the WASD keys.
  • Look around with the mouse cursor.
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