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Take aim and defend yourself against a horde of robots in Super Megabot Adventure! In this game, players control a strong-armed robot capable of transforming into a supercar. Shoot down enemies coming your way, avoid their attack, and lead civilians you come across to the portal!

Super Megabot Adventure features fast-paced gameplay that requires players to act quickly and defeat any robots approaching them. There are many types of enemies with different attack moves, ranging from strider robots to flying ships that can launch homing missiles at you! Transform between the robot and car forms depending on the terrain, and protect the innocent civilians with all your might!

How To Play

  • Control the robot with the WASD keys.
  • Shoot using the left mouse button.
  • Reload the guns with the right mouse button.
  • Use the mouse wheel or the “Q” and “E” keys to change weapons.
  • Use Skill 1 with the spacebar.
  • Use Skill 2 with the “C” key.
  • Use Skill 3 with the “F” key.
  • Transform between the robot and car forms with the Shift key.
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