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Become a charismatic plumber with Super Mario Stacks! In this game, your role is to lead Mario through a series of floating platforms, but they won’t float for long! After a few seconds, the platforms will fall down, prompting Mario to jump from one platform to the next as quickly as possible! How long will you be able to help Mario survive without plummeting to the ground?

Super Mario Stacks is an engaging game in which players take control of Mario and help him jump between small platforms before it’s too late. The gameplay itself is extremely simple: all you need to do is decide which direction you want Mario to jump. However, the tricky part is that players will need to be extremely quick with their decisions, since one second too late and Mario will plummet to the ground! Collect boxes on your way to gain additional points and eat mushrooms for extra lives!

How To Play

Click on the screen to make Mario jump.


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