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Get ready for the most hectic adventure ever with Super Bunny Man! Take control of the bunny man, who can only really jump randomly, and try your best to reach the portal to complete the level! Avoid bottomless pits and dangerous spikes, and don’t forget to collect the carrots on your way to increase your score!

If you love funny platform games, don’t miss out on Super Bunny Man! The game draws inspiration from the Mario games but takes a more hilarious turn with the bunny man, who looks just as funny as he is creepy. To make things more difficult, he cannot walk like normal people; instead, he can only jump aimlessly, hoping to get past obstacles and reach the portal. Each level will become harder than the last, putting your maneuvering skills to the test! Do you have what it takes to complete all levels of Super Bunny Man?

How To Play

Control the bunny with the WASD keys.

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