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In Stickman Rugby Run And Kick, players are tasked with guiding a stickman as he tries to get past a series of obstacles before reaching the goal and kicking at least one ball past the goal to complete the level. Collect rugby balls along the way and score as high as possible!

Stickman Rugby Run And Kick is a combination of running and rugby games. Players begin by leading the stickman past a series of obstacles while collecting the rugby balls. The obstacles can be hurdles, dummy practices, or even rocks. To avoid them, simply move to other lanes, jump past them, or slide below them. Once the stickman reaches the goal, he can try to kick the balls and score at least one point to progress. Discover cool power-ups along the way and have plenty of fun with Stickman Rugby Run And Kick!

How To Play

Control the stickman with the arrow keys. Drag the ball to kick the rugby ball past the goal.

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