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View more is a fast-paced and addicting multiplayer online game in which players operate black holes that devour items and other players in a colorful arena. The goal is to become the greatest hole by eating everything in your path, outmaneuvering opponents, and strategically increasing size and strength.

Gameplay Instructions: 

You begin as little holes on a colorful world populated with diverse items such as trees, automobiles, and buildings. Swiping on the screen causes your hole to swallow these things, increasing its size. As you expand, you will be able to eat bigger things as well as tiny holes controlled by the user. The game is timed, and the player with the biggest hole at the conclusion of the round wins. Quick reactions and intelligent movement are vital for dominating the arena and outlasting adversaries.


  • Multiplayer action with intuitive controls.
  • Features include dynamic maps, power-ups, and a leaderboard.
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