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Enter festive paradise with StickBoys Xmas, the best stick figure adventure game that brings holiday cheer to happiness!

In this adventure, players will join the mischievous StickBoys as they go on a brave quest to spread happiness and joy across a snowy world full of obstacles and beautiful vistas. An annual problem. Imagine a world with twinkling lights, snow-covered trees, and gingerbread houses. Your mission is to guide the cute StickBoys through a series of fun levels, each with its own holiday-themed challenges and rewards.

StickBoys Xmas is more than just a game; it's a moving journey that blends the thrill of holiday-themed action. Each level in this StickBoys game is a new part of the goal of making this the happiest Christmas ever. You will go on adventures to collect gifts and fight snowballs with cute but mischievous creatures.

How To Play

  • Move to WASD + Arrow Keys
  • Double Jump available
  • Mobile Touch Control
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