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In Speakerman Vs Skibidi Toilet, it is your chance to take down the annoying Skibidi Toilets with your own hand! Take your aim and shoot down as many of them as possible. Be careful not to attack the Speakerman, since he is also fighting the Skibidi Toilets!

Speakerman Vs Skibidi Toilet features simple yet addictive gameplay. The premise of the game is to take down the Skibidi Toilets with the limited number of ammo available. There are three chances to defeat each Skibidi Toilet, and once they are eliminated, the number of ammo will be reloaded. While you are busy disposing of the enemies, the Speakerman will appear every once in a while. Try your best to avoid attacking him with your gun and keep him safe at all times

How To Play

Take aim with the arrow keys, and press the spacebar to shoot the Skibidi Toilet. Avoid shooting the Speakerman.

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