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Explore the strange dimension with Spaceman Escape Adventure! In this game, there is nobody else but you, a lone astronaunt! With nothing else to do, you start advancing through a curious platform to find the key and unlock the door. However, even after passing through the door, the next level remains identical to the last one…or so it seems!

Spaceman Escape Adventure has an interesting premise: what if each level has a similar design but with a little twist? Players begin the first level with a relatively straightforward goal: find the key and unlock the door. However, with each level complete, players will progress to the next one with a similar goal in a different setting: sometimes, you don’t even need the key to go through the door, or there is an impending wall of electricity closing in, prompting you to run as fast as you can!

How To Play

Control the astronaut with the WASD keys.


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