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Spacebar Clicker challenges players to do something so simple yet so difficult: press the spacebar, be it virtual or physical, as many times as they humanly can! Generate more hit points on the spacebar counter with each press and use them to acquire passive increases in hit points so your poor spacebar can take a break!

Spacebar Clicker offers different upgrades to make your journey to accumulate hit points much easier. At first, players will have to make some effort and start pressing their spacebar relentlessly until they save up enough hit points to acquire better upgrades. Once you are able to do so, you can take a break and let the game increase the number of hit points by itself! Continue investing in better upgrade options and watch your spacebar counter reach millions of hit points! 

How To Play

To increase the spacebar counter, players can either press the spacebar or click on the virtual spacebar on the screen.

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