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Challenge your quick fingers and press the spacebar until they are cramped with Space Bar Clicker! As the name suggests, the game requires you to do one thing only: increase the spacebar counter to an unbelievable number! Of course, trying to reach a million hit points is not humanly possible—instead, you will have to invest in a variety of upgrades to make that number feasible!

Just like the rest of clicker games, Space Bar Clicker begins with players clicking on the virtual spacebar or pressing the spacebar on the keyboard to accumulate the hit points, which serve as a form of currency in the game. With these hit points, players can acquire an unimaginable number of hit points per second and then invest in even better upgrades to keep that number going up! How long will it take for you to reach 1 million spacebar hits per second?

How To Play

Increase the spacebar counter by clicking on the virtual spacebar on the screen or pressing the spacebar.

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