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Snow Rider 3D is an engaging and thrilling snow sports experience that takes you on an incredible ride into the heart of winter's enchantment.

In this cutting-edge, three-dimensional skiing experience, prepare for the ultimate fusion of reality and imagination as you traverse stunning alpine vistas, hurtle down snowy slopes, and perform stunts. Prepare to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie and conquer the mountains like never before in the most action-packed and graphically stunning skiing game ever.

How To Play

Playing Snow Rider 3D is simple because of its simple controls. By tilting your device left or right or by using the on-screen arrows, you can control how your skier moves. Jumping is also possible by simply tapping the screen.

  • [→] or [D]= Go right
  • [←] or [A] = Go left
  • [↑] or [W] = Jump
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