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Help the Skibidi Toilet travel far and wide with Skibidi Toilet: Platform Jump! Take control of the toilet dweller and guide him through a series of obstacles, including incoming enemies, ponds, and so much more! What is your highest score yet?

Skibidi Toilet: Platform Jump is a challenging yet addictive endless runner game in which players take on the role of the Skibidi Toilet. He is only capable of jumping, but that’s all you will need to help him get past all the obstacles, such as enemies, swings, and even ponds! However, each time he collides with any obstacle, he will not be able to continue, and players will have to start the game from the beginning. Challenge your jumping skills and reflexes and help the Skibidi Toilet reach the farthest place possible with Skibidi Toilet: Platform Jump!

How To Play

Click on the screen to make the Skibidi Toilet jump.


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