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Eggs may sound like fragile objects in real life, but they actually pack a punch (literally) in Shell Shockers! In this game, you become an egg, hunt down other players (who are also eggs!) with your trusty weapons, and avoid being a broken egg. Prove your might and be the most sturdy egg in the battle!

Being a multiplayer FPS game, Shell Shockers has very fast-paced gameplay. Players will need to be attentive and good at detecting the upcoming danger, unless they want their yolks busted by other players. The main weapons of choice are guns, which come in a variety, including the EggK-47, Scrambler, and so on. Players can also choose to engage in close combat if they wish to, or just toss a grenade for mass destruction. If you are not a fan of graphic images, worry not, as the eggs will just crack open when they are shot. Try out every game mode and be the most eggcellent shooter out there!

How To Play

  • Control your character with the WASD keys.
  • Jump by pressing the spacebar.
  • Shoot by clicking the left mouse button, and hold Shift to aim better.
  • Reload the gun with the “R” key, switch weapons with the “E” key, and throw a grenade with the “Q” key.
  • Execute close combat with the “F” key.
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